Carpet or Timber Flooring Which One Is Better For A Bedroom Space

Carpet or Timber Flooring: Which One Is Better For A Bedroom Space?

When it comes to determining the flooring of your bedroom, you will come across two options which include carpet and hardwood. It can be difficult to decide between the two. However, there is no need to worry as this post aims to help you find the answer to the age-old question. There is no denying that both of these types of flooring are beautiful and cozy. If you want the best flooring for your bedroom, you need to consider everything. Before you contact timber floor sanding Perth, you have to be certain about which flooring type you truly desire.

Now, you might be tempted to get hardwood floors because of their luxurious shine or prefer the warmth of a carpet. But, you need more information before making up your mind. The last thing you want is to regret your decision. Getting a carpet or timber flooring cost money which is why you need to make sure that you do not waste your money on the wrong option. Some questions that you might have include which option offers a better resale value, how do the options stack up, which flooring fits your requirements, and which option lasts longer.

Benefits of Placing a Carpet

Unless you live in a remodeled or new property, chances are that your bedroom is already carpeted. The thing about carpet is that it is warm and rather soft. It has been a popular option for a long time. The following pros highlights why carpeting might be a better option than hardwood flooring.

1. Softer Underfoot

One of the main benefits of carpeting is that it offers softer underfoot. If you desire a cozy bedroom, it is the option for you. If you have thought of tiling or even vinyl flooring, you would know that they are not warm or plush in comparison to carpeting. Generally, it is common for most people to want something soft and cozy in their bedroom. This is where carpeting truly shines. It will help you set up a cozy bedroom in no time.

In fact, your feet would no longer freeze when you step out of bed during the night or early in the morning. Instead, you will only feel warm and fuzzy once winter rolls around. Moreover, if you prefer doing yoga on the bedroom floor or are someone who prefers walking in the bedroom, you will find carpeting to be right option.

2. Affordable

Another great thing about carpets is that they cost less in comparison to timber flooring. You should be able to pick out a carpet without having to spend a lot of money. The same cannot be said about timber floor sanding Perth as you would need to hire the service for installing the timber flooring. Despite the fact that there are thousands of timbers flooring options, none of the options are as inexpensive as carpets. The reason behind this is that timber flooring as a material costs more. Moreover, when you compare the cost for a huge bedroom, you will notice the price difference.

3. Reduces Noise

A notable benefit of carpeted flooring is that it effectively reduces noise. Thus, you get a much quieter bedroom. Due to its softness, carpeting reduces the amount of noise that is produced in the bedroom while walking. This is due to sound having a much more difficult time bouncing off the carpeted flooring.

Based on the type of subflooring you get, there might not even be the sound of a pin drop. This makes carpeted flooring the perfect option for those of you that require a completely quiet room. If you do not know what subflooring is, it refers to the material that is placed underneath the finished flooring surface.

4. Less Easily Destroyed by Pets or Kids

When you get carpeted flooring, you get to rest assured knowing that the flooring is scratch-resistant. If you have kids or pets running around, you need to be careful about the type of flooring you get. Even the best engineered wood flooring, cork flooring, or bamboo flooring would face issues when kids and pets play around. Besides, children will be less likely to slip on carpeted flooring in comparison to timber flooring.

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Drawbacks of Carpeted Flooring

1. More Difficult to Clean

If there is one disadvantage of carpeted flooring in comparison to timber flooring, it is the fact that carpeted flooring can be much harder to clean. You are likely to experience a difficult time trying to clean the flooring. The thing is that the harder the surfaces the easier they are to clean. Since carpeting is soft, you will struggle to keep them clean. This is especially true in case of spills. You must vacuum the carpeting regularly to keep it clean and hire professional carpet cleaning services from time to time.

2. Can Look Outdated

Another drawback of carpets is that they tend to look outdated quite early on down the road. No matter how well or how often you clean the carpets, they would start to look dull and grimy as they age. Your house might be comfortable and cozy with carpet floors. However, you cannot expect it to be in-style.

3. Replacing Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Is Tough

Carpets get grimy even if you take good care of them. You will need to replace the carpeted floors every 8 years. However, if you have kids or pets, it is best that you replace them before that. Besides, replacing carpets is not an easy project.

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Benefits of Timber Flooring

Now that you know about the pros and cons of carpeted flooring in a bedroom space, it is time to look at what makes timber flooring a great option.

1. Stunning

One of the best things about timber flooring is that it is truly stunning. Most people purchase timber flooring because they are drawn to its beauty. There are many different types of wood flooring and each type is aesthetically gorgeous. You simply cannot compare the beauty of timber flooring with carper flooring. When you hire timber floor sanding Perth, it will only look even more beautiful.

2. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Another amazing thing about timber flooring is that it is super easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is use a dust mop every day. Besides this, a soft-bristled vacuum is needed every week. That should do the trick. When it comes to mopping, a misting product that is designed exclusively for hardwood floors would be the way to go. Always use a water-resistant wood flooring product for easy maintenance.

3. Boosts Home Resale Value

When you place hardwood flooring in your bedroom space, you will also benefit from a boost in your property resale value. It is an important fact when getting flooring. By opting for hardwood floors, you get to increase the property value. This makes it a cost-effective option. Make sure to research the best timber flooring for the best investment decision.

4. Environmentally Friendly Option

If the above reasons did not convince you to hire timber floor sanding Perth for the installation of timber flooring, the fact that timber flooring is an environmentally friendly option should. For those of you that care about sustainability when choosing between timber flooring and carpeted flooring, timber flooring might seem like the obvious choice for its environmentally friendly capability. Since hardwood flooring lasts a lifetime, you would rarely need a replacement. All you would require is refinishing by hiring a timber flooring sanding company. It is also possible to bleach the wooden floors for removing tough stains.


Drawbacks of Timber Flooring

1. Not As Soft or Warm As Carpeting

An obvious drawback of timber flooring in comparison to carpeted flooring is that it is not as soft or warm. Unless you decide to install heating wood floor, you will be unable to create a soft, warm, or cozy space. This might make timber flooring not the perfect option if you live in a colder environment.

2. More Expensive

Let’s face it. Timber flooring is definitely a more expensive option. However, it makes for a financial investment. Hence, you do not have to stress about spending money on getting timber flooring for your bedroom. It is always best to hire timber floor sanding Perth to get it installed and sanded as you are likely to damage the flooring if you go at it alone. A professional will help you get the best deal.


Once you have gone over our post, you will know about the differences between carpeted flooring and timber flooring. Although carpeted flooring might seem like a cozy option, timber flooring is the best option in terms of resale value, beauty, and durability. You simply cannot go wrong with timber flooring. Hence, it makes sense to hire timber floor sanding Perth to get timber flooring in your room. The service provider should take care of all the work.

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