Floor Sanding Perth: All You Need to Know About The Process

Floor Sanding Perth: All You Need to Know About The Process

Many floor restoration treatments include a significant amount of sanding. However, if customers came to know about the chaos, clutter, and risk associated with hardwood floor sanding, they would be hesitant to hire any floor sanding professionals.

There are a couple of things that must be done before applying a new coat of finish to wooden floors. Professionals must first remove the old coat of finishing. Next, to achieve excellent adherence, they must prepare the flooring. Each of these stages is typically completed by sanding the floor.

Nowadays, however, householders do not need to sand the floors before refinishing them. One may refinish floors without sanding due to modern restoration technologies like the one-of-a-kind approach employed by many.

You may prevent the wood dust created by sanding and refinish non-sandable flooring in this manner.

This provides householders with a decision to make: do you use conventional refurbishing techniques? Alternatively, do you opt for a restoration procedure that does not require sanding? Is there anything else that can be done?

If you’re unsure about the function of sanding and the benefits and drawbacks of sanding the floorboards, this is a bit ambiguous. HH Floor sanding Perth is here to consult you with its years and years of experience and skill.

First, one may consciously or subconsciously ask themselves this not-so-surprising question: Is wood floor sanding necessary?

Let the professional floor sanding experts at HH Floor sanding Perth answer this question for you!

Benefits of floor sanding services:

There’s an explanation why hardwood refinishers like to sand their floors. Floor sanding is one of the most efficient and appropriate techniques to eliminate worn-out surfaces and prepare hardwood floors for restoration, regardless of its downsides.

  • Floor sanding is also a good approach to rehabilitate ruined floorboards, such as those with apparent cracks or significant structural harm, such as water leakage.
  • This process can usually erase color loss on the flooring due to the factors such as UV exposure (sunlight) and discoloration.
  • If you want to modify the color of your hard floor, sanding is usually required. After sanding, the board can be painted a fresh color before being protected.

Wood floor sanding eliminates the defective layer of wood in these circumstances, exposing the undamaged wood beneath. Flooring will appear virtually brand new after sanding and polishing.

You’ll have problems repairing spots where deterioration has entirely pierced the finishing coat and touched the timber if you restore floors without the floor sanding process.

You don’t want a decreased protective capability because the finish is what preserves and retains the hue, structure, and general condition of the wood.

This is where the sanding service for floors (such as HH Floor sanding Perth) comes in the help! Sanding wooden floors is the act of eliminating the old finish.

Our highly skilled professionals work tirelessly to guarantee that your hardwood floors look their best. We are dedicated to reaching the highest level of floor sanding quality. Our unmatched expertise is unrivaled in the industry.

List of Top 10 Timber Floor Sanding Companies in Perth

HH Floor sanding Perth takes satisfaction in being aware that its cherished clients can rely on them to do an excellent job as the top Perth Timber Floor Sanding company.

These were just some of the advantages that we enlisted for you to get an idea about the significance of the floor sanding process. Therefore, to get the relevant solution here’s all you need to understand about the floor sanding process.

Decide on your grit order!

We bet that you did not that refinishing a floor entails sanding the surface several times.  Some novice sanders assume that all they have to do is sand their flooring once with one grit of sandpaper and the flooring will be spotless level, and perfect.

However, sanding is not as easy as it seems—most ancient floors would require a minimum of four passes, each with a finer degree of sandpaper. The most difficult component of the work will be determining the ideal grit beginning pass for the floor. However, the professionals at HH Floor sanding Perth can assist you in figuring that out!


Sanding all of the primary field regions:

Start with the drum sander for every grit pass that is made on the flooring. Sand wherever the drum can touch in each section of the building. If you’re sanding floors on two different levels, remember to start with the higher level and then move on to the lower level; we want to only bring that equipment up once.

If you do have the privilege of getting two individuals working on projects, one on the drum and the other on the edger, don’t put both types of equipment in the same area!

Sand all the spots that the drum really cannot cover with the edger:

Drum first and edge next for every grind that is done. This is mainly due to the edger’s ability to sand out any drum traces that may have been left during the changeover at the wall’s border.

There could be a lot more finishing at the periphery of old buildings where there’s been a lot of heavy movement in the central section of every room but little damage across the border. Do not be surprised if you move to the edger by using the same grit that was operating perfectly in the center of the room and it quickly clogs up and glazes.

Sweep first, then sand.

All sanded rooms should be swept or vacuumed. When you complete a grit, vacuum, or at the very least brush all of the areas you recently sanded. That’s because after each grit pass, sanding mineral fragments drop off the abrasive and clutter the ground.

With the drum sander set to the next grit in the established sequence, sand all major field regions. After vacuuming, you can start sanding with the drum on the following, finer grit stage in your sanding process.

Make use of the edger!

Just use an edger to sand all the places that the drum could not touch, using the same grit as the drum. It should probably be self-explanatory at this point.

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Repeat the last two steps:

Steps 4 and 5 should be repeated until the whole floor has been sanded using 80grit sandpaper.

Therefore, now that you’ve created your design, all you have to do is sand without missing grits until you approach 80 or 100 grit. If you intend to color your flooring or sand a maple floor, 100grit is the suggested finishing grit.

In those circumstances, you’ll have to put more effort, especially on the edger, to ensure that all traces of your sanding are gone, which is easier to accomplish when you can sand to a finer grit.

Utilize a radiator edger:

To sand well under radiators, use a radiator edger. If you sand your radiator or behind your toe-kicks after you’ve finished sanding everything else, you’ll have a nicer mix with the cutting from the drum sander and edger. It also keeps the price of renting an additional sander to a lesser level.

Scrape edges:

All edges and surrounding radiator bottoms or pipes should be scraped or sanded. Because edgers are round and rooms are rectangular, you’ll have to do something in each room, cupboard, or staircase tread in the venture. Carbide scrapers are excellent, but they can be costly.

Carbon steel removers are inexpensive and effective, but you’ll need to sharpen them frequently (at least once for each corner) since carbon steel dulls rapidly while scraping finish.

Assess the perimeter:

Hand-sand the perimeters of all areas to eliminate any apparent edger twist. Also after sanding with 100 grit, there will be an edger swirl all around the edges of an area, no matter how much time you’ve been sanding floors or how experienced you are with the edger. Even if you didn’t leave any grits out!

This is one of those times where you should think about employing a floor sanding expert, and HH Floor sanding Perth is the best option!

Why? Simple: we are the leading floor sanding experts in Perth!

Time to clean up!

Using 100 or 120 grit sandpaper, create a small but consistent scratch design throughout the whole floor. Carefully vacuum the surrounding place. Vacuuming two or three times is never harmful and typically beneficial.

Keep eyes on the dirt in the spaces between the floorboards and at the room’s borders, particularly the space beneath the floorboards.

So, there you have it, a step-wise approach to the floor sanding process. It is difficult and requires great expertise, so remember to hire HH Floor sanding Perth, the best service for the job!

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