How to Design Your Living Room with Timber Floor

How to Design Your Living Room with Timber Floor?

Timber floors are extremely popular. You might have across them wherever you go in Perth. They are good to look at and provide great versatility. Since wood is a renewable resource, it is just what you need for your home. One of the best places to use timber flooring is the living room. It is the perfect room to place hardwood. The practicality, color, sheen, and beauty of the flooring are hard to compare. You cannot expect to find a better material for the flooring in your living room. Hence, you need to hire timber floor sanding Perth for the best outcome.

Timber floors are made of coconut timber, palm wood, bamboo, salvaged wood, reclaimed wood, and solid wood. Now, you might think that it is difficult to design your living room with timber flooring. However, you are bound to have an easy time designing the space with timber floors. This post shares some cost-effective ways through which you can design and decorate the living room for an aesthetic appeal unlike any other. The following tips will make your life a whole lot easier.

Select the Right Living Room Colors

Color plays a huge role in the way your living room looks. This is why you need to choose timber flooring based on the colors present in the living room. Based on how bold or calm you would want the space to appear, you can go with an undertone that matches the wall colors and the overall design of the room. Some popular choices include ash gray, red, and even yellow. Now, if you want to achieve a look that goes with everything, a neutral shade would be the way to go. It would pair well with all the undertones in the space.

The timber floor looks amazing with neutral walls. It also allows you to test different tones in the rugs. Hence, you will find it to be exciting. Neutral colored curtains and accessories would make the timber flooring pop. Personalize the living space with timber flooring as long as there is no color clashing. However, for those of you that do not mind vibrant colors in the space, you can even spice up the space by going for an equivalent wall color that has an undertone resembling the wooden floor. For instance, you can complement golden-toned timber flooring with some butter-yellow walls. Burgundy or wine painted walls would work well with wood that has red undertones to it. As for dramatic decorations, you could go with contrasting wall colors and wooden floors.

Opt for Different Color Intensities

To spice things up, you could decorate the living room with different color intensities. It will allow you to achieve a completely unique look. Settling on a wall color that matches the wooden flooring is important. The intensities between the two would transform the space in no time. You will be surprised to know just how much of a connection the two have. The shade of the walls should be a different intensity if you want the two to work together.

For instance, if you have dark mahogany flooring, you should go with a peachy or light gold wall shade. It will make for a great accompaniment. The truth is that the floor sanding Perth service will provide you with amazing advice. You can rely on their advice for the best design. Since your living room is an extremely important space, you need to make sure that everything matches well and is in balance. The thing about timber flooring is that it works well with different color intensity.

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Go for Similar Wood for the Ceilings, Walls, and Floors

Another tip that will allow you to design your living room with timber flooring is opting for similar wood for the ceilings, walls, and floors. It is the perfect option for those of you that prefer simplicity. Consider choosing the same type of wood for the ceiling trusses, the walls, and the floor.

The simplicity route allows you to create a comfortable space that is also easy to maintain. The look is sophisticated and will make your life a whole lot easier. To finish the look, you should include furniture which matches the wood tone of the living room. For instance, rich dark woods blend perfectly with cream-colored furniture. In fact, you can match the stairs according to the structure of the property. It will ensure that you receive the best work. Then, you hire floor sanding Perth for sanding from time to time.

Match the Accessories in the Living Room with the Timber Floors

A notable tip that timber floor sanding Perth tells its valuable clients is that one should get living room accessories which go well with the timber floors. Matching the living room accessories with your wooden flooring will allow you to transform the look and feel of the space.

You can add a bit of style to the living space with different accessories. Get some cozy leather furniture and matching rugs if your living room has natural hardwood floors. On the other hand, rich brown hardwood floor would go well with a fireplace made using neutral-hued river rock.

Now, if you want the design to suit the entire room, you should check to see the color intensities and if they go well. It is also a good idea to go for fun and lively colors like yellow and green. Patterned curtains are also a great option.

They incorporate a bit of sophistication that will allow you to make your living room look and feel elegant. It might also do you well if you forgo the entire idea of getting traditional chairs. Instead, you could simply go with a huge corner window seat that offers amazing outdoor views. It would enable you to host a cocktail party or just about any event after hiring floor sanding Perth.

Focus on an Open Living Room Concept

Unlike what you might be misled into believing, an open room concept will allow you to create a modern living room. It is also not as challenging to decorate or furnish. You could go with gleaming hardwood floors. It is best that you also consider a simple color palette.

It will ensure that the space appears much more attractive. You can even opt for floor-to-ceiling windows to opt for a more open living room. Fewer walls help provide you with a modern look. As light makes its way inside, it would brighten up the entire room. Hence, the hardwood floors would also change their color.


When creating an open living space, you need to make sure that there are not many room furnishings. It would let you create a more cohesive look. Besides, creating a balance is important. It lets you shift attention for the desired aesthetic. You can pull it off by choosing furnishings that are neutral in nature. The truth is that it is easy to opt for an open living space. You just need the right accessories and furnishings to achieve the best outcome.

Get Artwork to Decorate the Living Room

To make your living room stand out with timber floors, you should also get artwork and hand it in the room. It will help provide it a creative look. Artwork will work wonders and make your space stand out. It makes sense to get artwork for the living space. Even a simple wall artwork will go a long way in helping you transform the look and feel of the space. There is a variety of artwork that you can shop for to achieve the desired look.

The thing about artwork is that it reinforces the relaxed feel of the space. It will pop color into the room and is visually appealing to look at. Going for simple artwork is the way to go. It will help ensure that the space does not look overwhelming. Shop online for artwork or visit the local farmer’s market to determine what you should get. It is about time that you got some simple artwork pieces to elevate the aesthetic of the space.

Place Some Interesting Rugs

Finally, to give the living room with timber floors a twist, you can also place some interesting rugs. Browse online to shop for some rugs. Then, you can place them in the living room to make the space stand out. It is a tip that you will definitely like. Interesting rugs will allow you to give the living room a unique look. Anyone that walks into the space will be amazed to see the rugs. Always go for soft carpets and rugs to ensure that they do not damage the timber flooring.

Hire Timber Floor Sanding Perth

Once you follow the abovementioned living room design tips for timber flooring, it is important that you hire floor sanding Perth to ensure that the space continues to look its best. Timber floor sanding helps take care of the flooring.

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