How to Make Vinyl Floors Shine (Polish) Again

How to Make Vinyl Floors Shine (Polish) Again?

Vinyl flooring is absolutely gorgeous and out of this world. It is the most popular flooring option along with timber and tiles. The fact is that vinyl floors are long-lasting, durable, and attractive. You simply cannot go wrong with them. Whether your property has a high traffic condition or not, you can expect to clean it and make it shine with vinyl floor polish. It is important that you polish it as it is not indestructible and requires maintenance. Cleaning the vinyl floors in your home is an inexpensive and straightforward process.

With proper care, you get to maintain your vinyl floors and ensure that they are in excellent condition. You will find the floor polishing to be a task that is truly worth it. Since it is a task that gets you moving, you will find it to be just what you need. With a bit of effort, you should be able to make all the vinyl floors in your home shine again. The fact is that a vinyl floor polish is necessary from time to time. You cannot just sit down and expect the floors to get clean. Instead, you will need to take care of the work if you want to see results. Their eye-catching appearance should motivate you to take care of the work.

Guide to Cleaning Vinyl Floors

The best thing about vinyl flooring is that it is designed to be easily cleaned. You should not have much trouble taking care of the work. In fact, you cannot go wrong when using a sponge mop and some plain water. It should work magic on the vinyl flooring so that you get beautiful floors once again. It does not get better than this. However, it is advised that you polish the vinyl floors regularly to ensure that the flooring continues to look amazing and does not lose its lustre. You must wipe pesky spills quickly and mop the area frequently using plain water. The following tips will help you take on more intensive cleaning.

  1. If there is one tip that you need to follow, it is vacuuming or dry mopping the floor. Remove surface hair, dust, and dirt before you do wet cleaning. Now, you have to cover the area along the baseboards, in corners, and under the furniture.
  2. Apple cider vinegar is easily the best cleaner for vinyl floors. This is why it is vital that you use it to ensure that the floors look their best. The acidity offered by the vinegar would effectively get rid of dirt and dust without leaving any soap or wax build-up. It will also handle any grime that might seem difficult to remove. To take advantage of apple cider vinegar, you just need to mix a cup of it with a gallon of warm water. Make sure to use a damp mop for the cleaning.
  3. Frequently rinse the mop with some hot water so that it continues to remove the dirt. Besides, it is better to use apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar for disinfecting the area as you clean it. You can also add some liquid dishwashing soap to the mix before you start mopping in case the floor is very dirty and requires extra cleaning.
  4. For adding some shine to the vinyl floors, it is a good idea to add some baby oil. Just a few drops should do good as they will instantly add a pop to it.
  5. You can even put some jojoba oil or WD-40 lubricant if there are stubborn scuffs. Simply place either of the two on a towel and keep on rubbing the area to ensure that the scuffs disappear. Then, you just have to clean the area using some water and vinegar for the best results. It will help ensure that there are no traces of lubrication.
  6. On the other hand, if there are food stains from tomato sauce, ketchup, mustard, grape juice, or the like, you need to turn to baking soda. All you have to do is make a paste of water and baking soda. Then, rub the stain gently until it fully disappears. Make sure to clean thoroughly so that there are no traces of baking soda left.
  7. If you want to easily remove all types of stains, you will need to use a nylon-bristle brush. It is perfect as it can remove ink stains, hair dye, and lipstick. You just have to rub alcohol to the area and rub it for the desired result. You may even use mineral spirits for removing marker stains, paint, and crayon. For removing nail polish stains, you will need to use a nail polish remover.

The abovementioned tips will help you with the vinyl floor polish. You will be amazed to see the final outcome. Each tip has been tested which means that you can rest assured that it will provide you with the results that you crave most. Seeking help might also be a good idea in case you do not have any time to follow the tips or take on the vinyl floor polish.

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Choose the Best Product

When it comes to vinyl floor polish, you must use the best product. It will help ensure that you have the best product for making your vinyl floors shiny. It will go out of its way to provide you with the best outcome. Here is some of the best vinyl flooring polishing products that you need to consider.

1. Baking Soda

One of the best products for a vinyl floor polish is baking soda. Similar to lifting a cake, it can make your vinyl flooring shine. It is known for its powerful abrasive and scouring features. To make the most of baking soda, here is what you need to do.

  • Add some baking soda to a bucket of warm water.
  • Keep stirring the solution you have achieved a perfect blend.
  • Next, all you need to do is start applying the solution to the vinyl flooring with a mop.
  • In order to rinse the solution, you must use another mop.
  • An alcohol solution can be used for making the area shine even more.
  • Finally, you just have to clean the floor again and leave it to try. That is about it.

2. Alcohol

Speaking of alcohol, it is a magical product that can easily clean up everything. It does a great job at removing even the most stubborn of stains. Besides, alcohol makes for the best deodorizer as well. Therefore, you should simply consider alcohol as your first choice in case you have old vinyl flooring that is in need of some serious shining and polishing. An alcohol and water solution is just what you need. It has excellent after-shine effects that will leave you fully satisfied. Here is what you need to use to use alcohol for vinyl floor polish.

  • Add 3 tablespoons of alcohol into a litre of warm water.
  • Next, mix the water thoroughly in order for the alcohol to blend with the warm water.
  • Now, you just have to soap a cloth or mop into the solution.
  • Rinse the excess water and wash the vinyl flooring.
  • Leave the area to dry.

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3. Vinegar

Another great product for vinyl floor polish is vinegar. Similar to alcohol, vinegar does a terrific job at cleaning and deodorizing the floor. It also sanitizes just about every type of surface that has stains and dirt. Therefore, you can refresh your vinyl flooring without much effort. It should not take a long time for you to see the desired results. It does not matter how foul-smelling or dull your floor might be as the alcohol should be able to take care of that. The reason why you should opt for apple cider vinegar is because it does a remarkable job when dealing with stinks and stains. Therefore, you will get to experience pleasant smell after you are done. Besides, the deep clean will allow you to cherish the effort you put into the work. The following steps will allow you to create the perfect vinegar shining agent.

  • Pour half a cup of vinegar, a tablespoon of liquid detergent, and a tablespoon of mineral oil into a gallon of warm water.
  • Make sure to thoroughly mix the ingredients until it becomes a consistent blend.
  • Soak the mop into the solution and simply rinse it off.
  • Next, apply the solution onto the vinyl flooring with a damp mop.
  • Now, you will need to rinse the mop in running water after you have used it.
  • Let the area dry to achieve the perfect shine.

4. Egg Yolk

You might not know just amazing egg yolk is. It does an excellent job at cleaning and shining vinyl flooring. It effectively drives away all the dirt and stains. Its thick protein and fat structure allows you to scrub the dirt off and make the surface shine. Here is what you should do to make your vinyl flooring shine with egg yolk.

  • Add 2 egg yolks into lukewarm water.
  • Next, you have to mix the solution to achieve an even mix.
  • Now, you just need to dip a microfiber broom into the solution and use it to gently wipe the floor.


Once you have gone over our post, you will know how to make vinyl floors shine. It is vital that you follow our tips to achieve the results that you desire for an excellent vinyl floor polish.

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