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Best Timber Floor Sanding Services in Perth

Are you looking for the best timber floor sanding services in Perth? We are the most reliable and experienced HH timber floor sanding company in Perth. Our timber floor specialists use the latest technology and products to restore the natural beauty of the timber floors in your home.

Restoration of the timber floor helps you to get back the shine of your floors. The timber floor sanding process helps to remove the top damaged layer of the floor and protect your floor for many years. Each type of timber has its character and qualities and our professional floor sanding experts can recognize each type of floor.

We are an independent timber floor sanding company in Perth that always delivers high-quality and friendly customer services including timber floor installation, sanding, and restoration. We provide a wide range of timber floor sanding services for your timber floors. Our professional sanding team in Perth uses the latest sanding machinery to remove old floor finishes.

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Customer’s satisfaction
  • professional and friendly
  • Highest quality flooring material
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reliable services
  • Premium quality floor finish and coatings
  • Great customer services

Services We Provide!

Our professional Sanding Company in Perth is providing various sanding services. The detail of these services is as follows:

Timber Floor Sanding Services in Perth

Floor sanding is the process of removing the top damaged surfaces of the wooden floors by sanding. Timber floors are durable, maintain a healthy shine, and make the look of your home incredible.

But after some years, the timbers of your floorboards lose their polish or their texture. Coatings of the floors remove more quickly in high traffic areas. It can seriously damage your floor due to the following factors:

  • Dropping things on it
  • Dragging heavy material on it
  • Mopping in a wrong way
  • Using high-chemicals floor cleaners
  • Dirty shoes
  • Heavy furniture

If you want to varnish your timber floors, then hire our Perth timber floor sanding professional team. They always use the latest machinery for the coating, fill in the holes, treat the wood floors to repel water, and then recoat the floors. Without using the right equipment, you can damage the hardwood floors. So, hiring professionals is the best choice.

Timber Floor Installation

Timber floor installation changes the look of your house and increases its value. Different types of floors require different types of installation that can only handle our professional timber floor installation experts in Perth.

Our HH floor sanding company in Perth has been providing floor installation services Perth for many years and has built a strong reputation for delivering quality work. We work with our clients from the initial stage including choosing the right type of wood to the final stage including sanding and coating.

Steps include in Installation Process:

Here are some steps that our professional sanding team takes for the floor installation process:

  • Get the room ready: Before starting the floor installation process, make sure that the painting, plastering, and rendering have dried up.
  • Prepare the subfloor: Before starting the floor installation process, our professional sanding experts first examine that the subfloor is level or free of dirt, paint, or old adhesive. Because it can damage your floors.
  • Checking the temperature: Our professional floor installation experts also check the atmosphere of the room because temperature and humidity can cause the wood floor to expand and contract.
  • Timber floor installation: Timber floor installation changes the look of your house. Without applying a protective layer on the timber floors, dirt can quickly damage your floors. It can make your floors dull and remove the sine of the floors. Applying an appropriate coating is an effective way to protect it from any type of damage. Our expert workers use a wide variety of high-quality oils and wax to seal your floors which keeps them looking perfect.

Experts in Timber Floor Sanding in Perth

Timber floor polishing always increases the look of your floors and makes them elegant. Our timber floor polishers can restore, fill in marks, and make your old, dull, and faded floors into a fresh look.

Timber floors always enhance the beauty and value of your home. Our professional timber floor sanding team in Perth can restore the look of your floor by floor sanding, floor polishing, and floor coatings by using our latest and highest quality products.

If you have pets, then you must have some scratches on your floor. Even heavy furniture can cause scratches on the surfaces. Applying coating on the wood floors protects your wood from scratches, debris, and dirt and increases the lifespan of your floors.

No matter what is the condition of your timber floors, our skilled floor polishing team will handle all the details regarding the polishing of floors? They use advanced machines to make them shine all over again. Our professional team will also provide you with a free consultation about your floors.

Our expert team also knows that each type of wood needs different treatment. We always apply the best coatings to ensure great results. We always apply finishing and coatings by using our premium and high-quality products. We have the expertise and the latest equipment to restore the look of your floors.

What trim should you choose for your timber flooring?

Timber floors are always stunning and durable. Many Australians hire our top-quality timber floors services for their homes in Perth. Choosing the right trim is essential if you want to finish a timber floor properly. Best timber floor trim will cover all the potential gaps located near walls, edges, and skirting.

It will also give your floors an extra shine and make them look incredible. Every type of timber flooring has unique features. Quality timber floors make an excellent investment due to their amazing aesthetics. By setting your budget, you will be able to choose the quality trim that is affordable and looks great.

Timber Floor Care Tips

Timber floors are a smart investment and they look stunning and extra classy and also increase the resale value of your house. Keeping the timber floor into its original condition or in tip-top quality requires some effort. Here are some professional care tips that can keep your timber floors in the best condition:

Clean all the spills immediately

Water is the biggest enemy of timber floors. You must have to avoid spills as much as you can because moisture can cause wood to swell, warp, cup, or crack. Wipe out all the spills immediately by using a dry or slightly damp cloth. The best way to use floor mats, especially around doorways.

If you want to prevent moisture, then ban shoes inside the house, especially during the wet season. Try to set up a shoe cabinet outside and make it a point to switch your outdoor shoes to indoor slippers right at your home’s entrance. Not only will you prevent mud from wetting your floors, but it also protects your family from any type of germ.

Clean regularly

Regular cleaning will keep your timber floors in a tip-top shape. Use a soft broom or vacuum with a soft brush head to remove all the dust from your timber floors once a day. Avoid using harsh vacuum attachments that can scratch your floors. You can also use a damp mop weekly for deep cleaning. Timber floors are quite easy to clean but make sure to avoid steam cleaning because it can damage your floors.

Never use harsh chemicals and detergents on your timber floors and also make sure to follow the product instructions that are given on the backside. Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and ammonia are the natural ingredients for cleaning the hardwood and timber floors. Regular cleaning is an effective way to protect your floor from any type of stain, dirt, and dust.

Use furniture rugs

Scratches are difficult to remove when it comes to timber flooring but there are some ways to minimize them. You can add furniture pads to the legs of your tables, sofas, and other furniture because it will protect your floors from any scratch.

For high traffic areas or places where chairs are moved often like around the dining table, using a rug can reduce scars to your timber floors. But try to remove or replace the older furniture rugs and pads after passing some months.

What to avoid while cleaning the timber floors?

Timber floors always make your home gorgeous. They require some effort to maintain that can prolong their quality. If you want to keep your timber floors in a tip-top shape, then avoid these things:

Avoid using a wet mop

Excessive moisture can damage your timber floors. If you use a wet mop to clean timber floors, then it can cause the liquid to seep into the wood and cause it to swell or warp. These can lead to very expensive repairs. When you clean a timber floor, use a damp cloth instead of using a wet mop.

Wring out water from your mop so that it feels almost dry, and use an air conditioner for the drying process of floors. Never allow spills to stay longer on your floors. As soon as you see a spill on the floors, wipe it with a dry mop, or use a wet vacuum to remove moisture from the floor to protect it from any damage. If you spill and wet your rugs, hang them so they can dry completely.

Using harsh cleaning products

Never use harsh chemicals on your timber floor because they can damage your floors. These can scratch away the surface finish of your timber floor and eventually wear down their shine. Vinegar and lemon juice can even change the color of some woods. Instead of going for these household items, consult with our professional timber floor cleaning team.

Vacuuming with the wrong attachment

Vacuuming is the best way to collect all the dirt and dust from the floor. But using the wrong attachment can scratch and damage the surface of the timber floors. The standard brush roll attachment is often designed to be abrasive to expel deeply-rooted carpet dirt and dust. Try to use a soft-bristled brush with the vacuuming machine to avoid any scratches.

Steam Cleaning

Never steam your timber floors. Steam cleaning can damage your wooden floors even if it is worse than mopping on the floors. Use a broom or a vacuum cleaner, but never a steam mop for a timber floor. The steam that comes out from the steam mop can enter the wood and can damage it due to its heat. On extra hot Perth summers when the air is humid, make sure to follow these tips to care for your timber floors.

Factors that influence the price of timber floor installation

Some factors that influence the price of the timber floor installation process are as follows:

  • Floor space
  • Existing Flooring
  • Subfloor condition
  • Timber type
  • Finishing touches

Qualities of Our Timber Floor Sanding Company in Perth

Some qualities of our timber floor sanding company in Perth are as follows:

  • Our high-quality and professional sanding team are available for taking orders 24/7 and provide professional services
  • Our expert timber floor sanding team provides a wide range of different types of floor sanding and polishing services
  • Services with customer’s 100% satisfaction
  • On-time delivery
  • Coverage all over Perth


Our HH floor Sanding Company in Perth is providing a wide range of sanding services for all types of floors. Our expert team always does their best and customers’ 100% satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not with our services due to any reason, then we send back our professional team for the sanding purpose. Usually, we always keep all the requirements of our customers in our minds and work accordingly.

Our professional sanding team in Perth will always take care of your needs until you get satisfied with our services. So, for which thing are you waiting? Book our timber floor sanding services today! Contact our company and book a session. Our floor sanding team in Perth will arrive on the due date and time. Also, they will bring all their latest sanding machinery with them. Our professional team will take responsibility for every detail and work for you with a valuable budget.

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